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Fun at Charters

Some of these are slightly dark - you might need to turn your monitor's brightness up to get the best out of them. Sorry about the huge download size, but surely you've all got broadband now? Well, view this page from work, then.

"Wow! That's one tough moshpit!" Eddie fakes pre-gig concern whilst wondering where he left his beer.

6ft Midget get wrong end of stick over landlord's "see the back of them" comment.

"There is nothing wrong with my eyes."

T' Midget make ironic comment on Russian school siege by taking a hostage of their own.

Compulsory "Mean and Moody Guitarist" shot

"Ooh, me back's gone." Eddie's lumbago strikes again.

What do you call someone who hangs around with a bunch of musicians? The drummer.

Bring on the dancing girls.

More fun with Photoshop effects

Musical Chairs: The Evidence. Gay Dancing was not compulsory.

Someone starts rumour that the lager is back on.

Smiling emo kid shows up the limitations of my flash whilst t'Midget rock out in the semi-darkness

We are 6ft Midget and we are pissed

Cheer up love, they've finished.