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Where did the time all go...?

Monday 31st December 2012

Regular passers-by of this site will note that I haven't updated it in ages. Thanks for your concern. I was underwhelmed at the flood of emails I've had. To be honest, I've been busy at work, on and off, with a whole suite of software products having to be documented for various releases and I just got lazy. I do post occasional updates on Facebook, but even there, I'm hardly prolific. I've really just been drifting, which is very poor. So this year's resolution is to do more on the website - at least a weekly update - and to get out and see more gigs, because I've hardly been out to see bands at all over the last six months. I'm off now to work on a proper update, so see you next year!

The Music Update

Wednesday 25th January 2012

I have to confess that I haven't been out to see that many live gigs over the last few months. The intensity of the Crewe Live experience back in May 2011 probably had a bit to do with that, but I also realised that I'm not really that interested, any more, in standing around in a pub or club waiting for something to grab my attention. I still want to hear something I haven't heard before, but I've got fed up with the waiting around and the slight disappointment if bands don't deliver. So thank the baby Jesus that the Internet means I can usually check out bands before venturing out. Time and money saved, and also much less chance of me getting so drunk watching the two or three Kasabian-cum-Raconteurs wannabes that are on before the band I want to see that I miss the band completely... I have to be honest though, I haven't heard that much which has inspired me to leave the comfort of my sofa. I was, briefly, tempted to try to get tickets to see Morrissey (a personal favourite, you understand) on his last tour, but decided against it. The early dates that were announced were all miles away, and by the time closer dates were announced, I'd seen a live performance on the TV and heard some of his new material, which put me off - I'm not that interested in paying 35 quid to hear Moz doing a greatest hits tour, or his lumpen band destroying all the subtlety and nuances of 'This Charming Man'. Anyway, here in no particular order of preference are some of the musical highlights of the last six months or so, both live and recorded.

And that, my fine feathered fiends, is about the extent of it. I'm off out to see Swim Into Scarlet at The Box this forthcoming Friday eventide. They're supporting Kill The Doctor, who are playing their final gig. There may be other Swim Into Scarlet gigs to report. I'll also be trying my to get some of my own music down, but I said that this time last year, so probably won't. Whatever happens, I'll be trying to get out and catch more live music than I did last year. Already got my eye on Wilko Johnson and The Beat, who are playing at the Nantwich Jazz Festival over Easter, for example. There's also the Crewe Live festival to consider, as well as the consistently excellent work that's going on at The Box. Just got to find the time and money to get it all done!

The Film Update

Sunday 15th January 2012

Only taken me almost four weeks but here's the second of those updates I promised you. I have, of course, spent much of last year indulging my love of cheap and trashy films. Well, mostly just cheap fiilms to be honest. Think I've paid full price for a couple of things in the following list, but not many. So here, in some sort of alphabetical order, is a tedious list of more recent purchases:

Quite possibly one or two things missing from that list, but hey ho, them's the breaks. Anyway, having finally got this update done, there's a 'Music' update to come and then it's on to thinking up new stuff for this website-cum-blog.