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Paaaarty at the Civic, Mexborough

A few photos from a party at The civic in Mexborough. Featured artistes are Disarm, New Generation Superstars and Imperial Vipers. Top quality bands all, check them out if they play anywhere near you. These were all taken with my camera phone, so apologies for the miniscule images of Disarm. they were on stage honest. I've also resized the rest of these, but if you think they look a bit poor let me know and I'll stick the originals up instead.

Disarm christen the stage. I'm stood at the back, so the picture is a bit poor.

Note to self: Must get closer to action before taking picture. Disarm, again.

Stevie B strikes a pose whilst driving the mixing desk. Black cans not pictured.

New Generation Superstars blasting out top quality punk.

New Generation Superstars again. Sadly girls, I didn't get any pictures of the lead singer with his shirt off.

Imperial Vipers.

Imperial Vipers. Never mind the band look at the paintwork. This is one serious music venue.

Imperial Vipers lead singer denies Brett Michaels fixation.