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Grandpa Coe's 90th Birthday

A few photos from Grandpa Coe's 90th Birthday luncheon at the Moat House, Warmsworth. For you local historians Mr Coe used to own the shoe shop on Church St, Conisbrough before handing the business on to his son. The shop is now, sadly, closed and in the process of being converted into some sort of tearoom-cum-cybercafe. The photos below were all taken by my nephew and converted to digital format by me. So there.

The birthday boy himself - Grandpa Coe. Pay no attention to what's happening in the background...

The other birthday boy - William. Mum, Liz, handily obscured by pesky kid.

The two best looking party-goers, obviously. My brother's partner, Kate and Me. I'm the one with the tie.

The Notorious(ly unreliable) E.D.D gets in da house and off his face with his homeboy "Big" Willy B.

Aunties Brenda (left) and Barbara. Technically not related to Grandpa Coe but a welcome addition to any party.

"Last time I had a knife this big in my hand, I was hacking through the jungles of Burma..."

Kate, once again proving she does take a decent photo.

"That's a deal then." Mark pulls off a sly smile as he offloads a dodgy laptop on me in return for my soul for all eternity.

Assembled Lawrence side of the family. Minus about a gazillion other relatives....
From left to right and front to back - Pa, Ma, Grandpa, Mark, Me, Liz, Eddy, William, Kate, Brenda, Barbara.