I am the King of Rock and Roll, completely
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Listen To This...

Good News! Your dream has come true. Just as you were leaving for work, Elvis knocked on your door. "Lord have mercy, you're the new King of Rock and Roll. Thank you very much." So what does this new role entail? Well, apart from the enormous piles of free drugs, all the booze you can drink and all the nubile young girls (or boys) that you can eat, you also have the chance to inflict one album of your choosing on the entire population of the world. Yippee!!

But wait, just one album? How on earth can you choose from the vast quantities of music out there? Well, step back, relax and chill while I thrill, the K is back, I'm not here to ill. Also, I, the Prince of Pop, am here to give you some guidance, your majesty. Allow me to present for your consideration, eight perfectly acceptable alternatives, and the one album that I think everyone should be made to listen to.

But first the ground rules:
No Compilations - Harsh, I know, but let's face it even the best compilations contains something you can object to. And if they don't, that's because you've made them yourself at home. And if you were the King of Rock and Roll, surely you'd want to produce your own compilation containing all your favourite songs. And that's not the point of this exercise. (Perhaps, I'll revisit this later - the best compilation LP in the world.......ever!)
No Best Of's - Easy skimmings of the highlights of a band's output, without any of the dross that might have accompanied it along the way. Classic example? Abba Gold - All killer, no filler, unlike the albums it is drawn from. Sorry, but we're looking at a bigger picture here.
No Film Soundtracks - Sadly rules out one of my favourite albums (One From The Heart) and a vast amount of Elvis material, but let's face it we'd all be putting on The Wicker Man soundtrack and calling it a day, surely?
Nothing I'm not familiar with - Kind of stating the obvious, but I'm not going to recommend LPs that I haven't listened to. So I might be missing some act of genius or other, but if don't own it, there's usually a good reason, and if I do own it and haven't listened to it recently, well that tells it's own story.

Er, I think that's it, so let's start the countdown:

But the winner is:

Hey, if you don't agree, you know my e-mail address don't you? fatfakir@hotmail.com, if you've forgotten.