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Some Pictures from the fatfakir's trip to that there London

Here's a few pictures, mostly courtesy of stroppycow from the fatfakir's family trip to that there London. The excellent dinosaur pictures are all her work. The slightly blurry, fierce-looking pictures of me in a stupid hat are all my own work. You can see why I don't take pictures very often. Enjoy.

dinosaur skulls
A fossilised Triceratops skull.
full skeleton
A full-size dinosaur skeleton. Not sure which dinosaur though.
Little dinos.
Some Velociraptor skeletons, with an animatronic model in the background.
T Rex skull
A T Rex skull, attached to the rest of the skeleton. Not full size, I seem to remember but still big enought to hurt you.
model dinosaur nest
A superb model of a dinosaur nest.

Dan shows off his dinosaur knowledge to a fascinated Uncle Jim, whilst the people around us suffer some terrible face-warping disease..
Interested kids
At last the kids find something interesting to look at.
smiling in a headress
A blurry smile with a stupid hat.
Ancient Egyptian headress with ancient Egyptian spectacles
The hat and glasses look. Still scowling.
the eyes have it
Extreme Close-Up!

© stroppycow & fatfakir, 2007. Play nice and ask if you want to link/copy these.