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Some Recent Pictures from Fakir World

A motley collection of pictures from various places and times in the last few months of fatfakir life. There aren't that many so I've compiled them all here. Except for pictures from the recent Lawrence family gathering, which are available on the Family Pictures page. Enjoy.

First picture of the Jim chin for about 20 years

Second look at the newly uncovered face.

William killing time in the toyshop before the FA Vase Final.

The soon-to-be-triumphant Nantwich team line up at St Andrews, Birmingham. Further, better, pictures available elsewhere.

"I'd like to thank the fans for all their support, my agent for getting the part, my mum and dad, of course, my sister, without whom this would not be possible and most of all I'd like to thank Crewe Alexandra for arranging to have the FA Vase on display at the Under-9's end-of-season awards." An emotional Jim lifts the trophy.

Papakev, snapped on my return to The Civic. A man without whom a lot of people would have been a lot more bored on a Friday night in Mexborough and beyond.

Disarm at The Limelight, Crewe. Sadly, this was the best I managed with my cameraphone.

Eddy in free gear blagged from some magazine or other, probably Penthouse. Since gone respectable by taking the gig as Music Editor for TimeOut.

My sister's best friend's husband, Roy, and me partying before the England vs Paraguay World Cup game. We didn't look so happy afterwards...

My new car. Or it would be if I had a spare 20 grand or so in the bank.

L to R - Liz, Peter and Crow on the Moonwalk. My sisters and brother-in-law do their bit for charity.

A nice looking Yankee truck at the American Custom Car Show.

My new Marshall Stack - 4 Watts of totally raw rock power. Hear me. Fear me.

Not a photo but a doodle I did that I'm quite proud of.