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Rad's Renderings

**NEW STUFF!!!!**

Lookee here, a three-panel cartoon from the boy wonder. In typical Radfashion this is the second-part of a two-part series. The companion piece, called Doomed Monkey is meant to be viewed first, but he sent it in the wrong format and hasn't yet re-sent it. The smaller images are linked to the full size ones, so just click on them to get the full impact of Rad's whacked-out cartoon stylings. Sorry if these take a while to load.

Koko snacks

86KB of whacked-out shit 75KB of whacked-out shit 100KB of whacked-out shit

This is the man responsible for the above mayhem - my "little" brother, aka Radion Automatic, amongst other things, in a Disabled toilet. Note the rebellious "V's" he's giving the camera. And yes, the picture is a bit out of kilter. I was drunk when I scanned it and I still haven't got round to re-doing it yet.