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Welcome to the Family

Here's a few pictures of other members of my family at the recent sibling gathering to celebrate my older brother's wedding, held at The Leopard in Nantwich (the gathering that is). There are only a few pictures as I'm not very good at taking them and Daniel, who took these using my camera, was outside playing for much of the time. So no pictures of me, Liz or Daniel. Sorry.

The happy groom, Mark, gets to grips with digital technology.

The usually unreliable younger brother, Eddy, puts in second appearance at family event in less than a year. Is rewarded with unflattering close up photo.

Brother-in-law, Peter, joins the rest of us in being confused by Eddy's street slang.

Older sister Crow, with daughter Lilith in background.

My nephew, William, in rare moment of actually being clean and tidy.

Lilith pretends to have never heard Mark's "Dalek bread" joke before.

Topper, equally confused by Eddy's street slang.

"To start, I'll have the foie gras and for a main course, I'll have the lobster. And to drink I'll have Irn Bru."

Will, in Princess Di-style pose. Shortly before he fell off the swings and got mud all over himself.

Unfortunately, none of the photos of my new sister-in-law, Kate, turned out to be particularly flattering, so here's a scanned picture of the Wedding of the Year instead.