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Some REO Speedwagon Pictures

Here's a couple of pictures I was sent by Scott of his REO Speedwagons, (although one isn't actually a Speedwagon) plus one I took of one for sale. And a bit of information about the company and their trucks.

Reo Speedwagon was a model name for a line of trucks built by Reo Motors Corporation of Lansing Michigan. Reo (pronounced just as spelled) is derived from the initials of Ransom Ely Olds, who left Oldsmobile, the company he founded, to form Reo in 1905. By the thirties the Speedwagon was a larger truck that was no longer available as a "pickup". Most buyers configured their Speedwagons in their purchase order (school bus, fuel truck,flatbed, etc).

Scott's 1939 Reo Speed-Delivery pickup truck

Scott's 1950 Speedwagon

An early Speedwagon, apparently made mostly of wood and in need of some restoration. Sorry about the slightly blurry picture.

The 'For Sale' Notice that was by the truck.