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Cheshire Steam Rally at Tabley

A few photos from my lovely day out with my sister, her boyfriend and my nephews at the Cheshire Steam fair at tabley, near Knutsford, on Sunday 9th July. It was a great day and I should have taken loads more pictures but my digital camera decided to pack up when we got there. These were all taken with my camera phone, so apologies if the quality isn't that great

A line up of traction engines, blowing smoke over the showground. There was no breeze so everyone got a light dusting of soot during the day.

Traction engine with small steam-powered lorry snapping at her heels.

It wasn't all steam vehicles though - here's a couple of classic Isetta bubble cars

I could be wrong, but I believe this is an early Morgan Three-wheeler. There was definitely at least one at the show.

Caught off-guard by roving camera, Daniel pulls a funny face whilst he and Will demonstrate just how big the rear wheel of a traction engine can be.

A lovely example of a smaller traction engine.

Old tractor. Infernal combustion powered, though. Reminds me of one from a kids TV show - maybe Jones the Sheep had one like this in Ivor the Engine...

Another old tractor, this one with caterpillar tracks. Not sure why though.

Old Tarmac lorry. Something else at the show that isn't steam-powered. Sorry.

Traction engines building up steam in preparation for the parade round the show ring.

Wonderful steam-powered gallopers, with musical organ too. And legend " & Cocks Patronized By Royalty" which you might just be able to make out.

A blurry shot taken at the start of the Wall of Death performance. Once they got going the bikes were whizzing round level with that purple line in the top of the photo. There was a safety wire running round the top but I don't think it would have stopped them.

Close up on some pressure gauges and stuff.

Because you can never have too much smut.