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Truckfest North West Picture Special

Big Pete - a monster truck with a lorry cab.

The Incredible Hulk monster truck. Sadly didn't live up to it's name.

The Wheelie Fire Truck - a converted fire engine that does wheelies, obviously.

BigFoot 17 undergoes some running repairs following a vigorous early morning workout. Note missing front wheel. Moments earlier they'd been banging the hub with a sledgehammer.

The Ladz Channel monster truck. This one was for display purposes only.

Obligatory art shot. Fat bloke and sad mate reflected in the bumper of the Ladz Channel truck.

Another shot of the Incredible Hulk truck. Note the kid apparently diving out of the way at front right.

The legendary Jim Bowen, entertaining the crowd on a cold, grey Sunday morning with a hilarious story about a lost episode of Bullseye.