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Some faces from the past

A small gallery of old pictures of some of the ex-YPF'ers that I met at the reunion on Saturday 15th November. I'm sure I've got more pictures elsewhere, but I haven't found them yet. The most recent picture on here was taken about 14 years ago. We all look much more handsome now.

Ian and Adele

Ian, a top bloke, and his wife Adele, a top bird. Taken at their wedding reception, 5th August 1989.

Tim and Mandy

Tim (left) and Mandy, with David Brennan, pictured at Ian and Adele's wedding reception.


Muzz in "comedy" pose, little suspecting this'll come back to haunt him 14 years later....

Yours truly

Still, at least he didn't do something really daft like put Mandy's hat on and drink a pint at the same time.....


Sorry ladies, he's married now. Still, he's a qualified psychotherapist, so you can always book a session on his couch.


Notoriously camera-shy Karen (centre) caught off-guard.


That's shaving foam she's covered in, honest. Ah, make your own jokes...